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A Bolt Jam #1 game, in what is certainly a personal record for speed.  

In this game, you are a bubble.  Life is... different.  For one, you can only move by puffing out bits of yourself.  For two, gravity is more of a guideline than a hard rule.  Features five levels (the last is not completable, you'll know you're done when you see the penguin)

This game was made in a bit over twelve hours, with all custom logic being done entirely in Bolt.  Going into the jam with such a heavy (entirely personal) time restriction meant that I needed a mechanic that was simple to implement.  In talking on discord, I realized that I've really only played one platformer since DOS-days.  In thinking about it, I can recall some game I played as a child where the player controls a bubble.  I don't remember much else about the game, it could be about taking out the masters of jupiter for all I know, but it got me thinking about a game where the only resource is Life, and you use it to move, live, and attack.  There's no need for user interface, and everything can be conveyed by the size of the player bubble.

Sadly, I never got around to implementing things for you to attack (but the effect is in there!),  or other things, like, you know, SOUND.  Maybe next time.

  Select 3rd party assets were used, including Pro Camera 2D.


bubble-windows.zip 36 MB
Version 3 Aug 13, 2018


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Nice game. Really interesting mechanic. At first I was afraid of the small round things, I thought it was "black holes" :)