A downloadable game for Windows

A joint project for Bolt Jam #2 between Reality.Stop() and aYo, in which players battle each other to try to turn a stained glass window their color.

The game has no built-in way of telling you the controls, but they are intended for up to 4 players using controllers.

Left Thumb Stick - movement

X - Spawn a new unit (costs 50 point)

B - Select nearby units (they will begin following you, until ordered to stop)

A - Order selected units to attack and hold a position.

Capturing more cells will increase your paint income, and watch out for your flanks!

This project used the following assets:

  • Bolt (of course)
  • Bolt.Addons.Community (shameless plug!)
  • Unity SVG package
  • 2DColliderGen
  • Colorful FX
  • ProCamera2D
  • Rewired


This isn't anywhere near how much we WANTED to get done on the project, but as is ever the case with jams, hiccups and delays put us seriously behind where we wanted to be.  Most of the gameplay had to be delayed until we had the main image inked, and worked out how to color the individual cells, get colliders on them, and somehow not place them manually.

ProTIP - Don't wait until the jam to learn a new technique.

While the gameplay isn't done, and doesn't feature the structures and multiple unit types we had planned, I still had a blast and learned a ton in the process.  

Perhaps, including, a bit more about my limitations.


warstained-windows.zip 41 MB
Version 2 Oct 08, 2018
warstained-post-jam.zip 41 MB
Version 1 Oct 09, 2018


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Hey, looks really cool in the video! I wasn't able to play yet because I need to use a controller, but I will try to do so soon!

Various graphs


I'm a fan of this nested style, and rarely find the need for groups.   A good super unit is documentation and organization rolled into one!

And here's the attack graph.

mp4 proof